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Maya Thompson

Customer Care

Maya Thompson, a seasoned professional in the service industry, possesses a wealth of experience, offering keen insights into diverse client needs. A former salutatorian at Lancaster Christian Academy, she brings a commitment to excellence and is pursuing further education in Nashville.

Maya’s leisure pursuits include outdoor activities, such as hiking and running, as well as a deep appreciation for music, whether playing the piano or crafting songs. This keen eye for detail extends to her work, where diligence and patience ensure precise execution.

In her professional endeavors, Maya’s empathetic approach guarantees that each interaction is valued. With her, you’re in the hands of a dedicated professional who appreciates both the big picture and the significance of life’s finer details.

Maya Thompson - Headshot
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Customer Reviews

I get excellent help from Jill.

Marlene F

Jill is an incredible resource and a great person to know.

Grant Burnside photo
Grant B

...learned about our business needs and how best she could advise us.

The Copper Fox Gallery photo
The C Fox Gallery

Jill has provided excellent service and Erie is a very reputable company.

Wesley Marshall photo
Wesley M

She is highly knowledgeable, professional, and thoroughly detailed...

Elizabeth Sikora photo
Elizabeth S