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Jill Hudson

Agency Owner

Do your eyes ever glaze over when you hear the words “insurance policy?”

For Jill Hudson, Agency Owner of Big Bend Insurance Group, those words drive her because she knows the power and meaning they hold. Here’s why.

One New Year’s Day, Jill woke to a phone call from her anguished neighbor: Their home had been reduced to ashes in a raging house fire. In one moment, they had become homeless. Walking among the smoking ruins, Jill knew instantly she was called to help people in their time of need. “That was the day I decided to open my insurance company,” she said. “I want to change the way insurance agents do business and handle claims.”

Home, auto, umbrella, business, and life insurance policies — Jill sees protecting families and businesses through insurance as a remarkable way to give back to her community.

Jill prides herself on taking a zealous coverage-focused stance. What does that mean? Instead of a budget “check the box” insurance strategy, Jill focuses on the right coverage, for the right situation. Just last week, Jill’s clients with the right coverage were able to avoid a devastating, $25,000 loss after high winds pulled several trees out of the yard, breaking the water line to the house.

Yes, Jill is passionate about insurance. But she’s also a proud wife and mom of two, and there her true passions lie. If she is not at a sporting or scouting event supporting her kids, you can find her volunteering in the youth ministry at her church, helping out as a Budget Ally with 431 Ministries, and attending events with Maury Alliance and the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce where she is an Ambassador and on the Marketing Committee.

For every home insured through Big Bend Insurance Group, Jill donates to Homes 4 Homes, helping build homes for families in need. She also throws a mean Halloween party—ask about it sometime.

Jill graduated Cum Laude from UNC Charlotte.

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Customer Reviews

I get excellent help from Jill.

Marlene F

Jill is an incredible resource and a great person to know.

Grant Burnside photo
Grant B

...learned about our business needs and how best she could advise us.

The Copper Fox Gallery photo
The C Fox Gallery

Jill has provided excellent service and Erie is a very reputable company.

Wesley Marshall photo
Wesley M

She is highly knowledgeable, professional, and thoroughly detailed...

Elizabeth Sikora photo
Elizabeth S