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Homes 4 Homes Proud Business Partner

woman smiling in front of her home in a developing countryI am a proud supporter of Homes 4 Homes. As a Business Partner, I am committed to giving back and making a lasting impact to help fund safe housing for people in need in developing countries. From every closing, a donation to Homes 4 Homes is made in your honor.

Homes 4 Homes believes that we are global citizens connecting to a purpose bigger than ourselves. I am sure we can all agree that Home is the foundation of a family’s future. However, inadequate housing threatens the lives and health of the world’s most impoverished with over 1.6 billion people living in poverty, and over 880 million people are currently living in slums.

H4H is able to bring together local leaders, local labor teams, and local materials to transform communities. By working with me, we are partnering together to make a lasting impact of good that reaches far beyond just constructing a house. Together we are helping give people in need a home of safety, security, and hope of the future that will last for generations to come.

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Customer Reviews

I get excellent help from Jill.

Marlene F

Jill is an incredible resource and a great person to know.

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Grant B

...learned about our business needs and how best she could advise us.

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The C Fox Gallery

Jill has provided excellent service and Erie is a very reputable company.

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Wesley M

She is highly knowledgeable, professional, and thoroughly detailed...

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Elizabeth S